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Distinctive Features

Cottage Brook is a small neighborhood with a few small distinctives that set it apart.

Cottage Brook is a themed neighborhood.  It is a small community of not-so-big homes that share a common architectural style, one being described as "Country-Cottage".  Most modern developments are not architecturally themed.  Those who build in Cottage Brook will know what kind of theme all the other houses will be.  Eliminating architectural guesswork and randomness is a distinctive feature of Cottage Brook.

Architecturally pre-reviewed,  sets of original house plans are now on display in the Model on Cottageg Brook Lane.  These absolutely beautiful Cottage-Brook inspired house plans developed by award winning Thomas J. Carricato & Sons can be fully customizable to inegrate all the particular interests and needs of each homeowner.  They, along with the historic 1896 stone house on lot 1, serve as architectural anchors for the Cottage Brook community.  Other plans, from your collection of favorites, or from another builder passionate about details are welcome for review as well. 

Some neighborhood architectural elements have been introduced during the construction of Cottage Brook, others are covenanted into the lots themselves. Some of these elements  may seem small, but together they will help define Cottage Brook. Features such as granite curbing instead of concrete, architectural stop and street sign, a stone welcome wall at the entrance to the cul-de-sac. Covenanted lamp posts and lanterns instead of utility-pole street lights are beautiful neighborhood lampfeatures.  Each cottage will display not only its door number on a hanging sign off the lamp post, but its "cottage name" as well. What pleasure thinking about a name for your "cottagey" home that communicates something about what is important to you, your home, your life!

Review of Landscape Design / Architecture goes a step further toward maintaining property values and neighborhood charm.  To know that care and forethought was employed not only in the consistency and quality of  construction and architectural interpretation, but also in landscaping is an important element of Cottage Brook. This degree of review and its implicit concern for the long term interests of property values is a distinctive of Cottage Brook.

Our natural environment and its natural beauty that draws us to this special place is integrated into the very design and covenant of Cottage Brook.  Each building lot contains not just storm biowater swales, but bio-retention plantings to filter water run-off and return a higher quality of water to the nearby Yellow Breeches Creek.  This is an important distinctive of Cottage Brook.

Another distinctive of Cottage Brook is to simply be  a backdrop for neighborhood-ness.  Neighbors are people.  Cottage Brook's most valuable contribution will be playing a quiet role in enabling people to be neighbors again.  Cottage Brook, in addition to being served with mail delivery by Mechanicsburg Post Office, has a full service Post Office just a block's walk away!  Grantham Post Office offers counter service and 24/7 mailbox service.  Another feature distinctive of Cottage Brook!


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