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Thank You...

We’ve been humbled over and over again by the quality people we have been surrounded with in this journey called Cottage Brook.

Many have exhibited uncommon patience with us as plans seemed to change or come to a halt daily at times.

Other times, we faced uncertainty, and the right people came alongside and with professionalism and grace helped us get through or over one more hurdle.  This, it’s been clear has not been our project alone.  We couldn’t be bringing this vision from imagination to reality alone. Experts and professionals have become trusted friends.  All have had a part in this grand plan. We are truly grateful to God and to those on this (growing) list:

My late father, Jim & mother Veryl Macdonald, more than parents. Inspirers, critics, encouragers, fine tuners.
Couldn't do it without them.  

Jim Bedorf and Justin Prince of the Bedorf-Prince team at Coldwell Banker. These guys are absolutely amazing!  Focused, experienced, talented, are not enough . . .  caring, honest, and the kind of professionals you like to think of as friends. Cottage Brook Lane's success owes so much to these two for finding the right people, the right builders, and making everybody happy!  Thank you so much Jim and Justin!

Joy and Chris Daniels, Sheri Walker, and the entire team of real estate professionals of Joy Daniels, Re/Max Realty Professionals. Getting this vision launched just at s the Great Recession hit us all, Joy was there!  Responsiveness and action that makes one's head spin!  It is no wonder Joy is consistently in the top 1% in her field!

Arlene and the late Tom Carricato . . . Massimo and Debbie and the Carricato sons.  Every day the Model was under construction we witnessed pain staking attention to detail and quality, many, many examples of which are now hidden by the superb finishes inside and out.

Brian Fischbach, Dave Morgan, Jim Smith  & staff of the former Fischbach, Morgan & Associates, Engineers . . . these folks made the rubber hit the road... and get it done!
Fischbach Morgan & Associates, LLC

Charlie Junkins,  Principle of CW Junkins Associates.  More than a surveyor, Charlie pointed us in the right direction with more than his transit.  Charlie introduced us to both Brian Fischbach and to "rain gardens".  "Rain Gardens" are playing an important aesthetic role in Cottage Brook by replacing unsightly storm detention ponds with landscaped bio-plantings.  "Rain Gardens" also provide a critical enhancement to the local ecology by returning cleaner water to our nearby Yellow Breeches Creek.  Thank you Charlie, double!

Lee Bixler of Renovations Woods, incredible example of industriousness, honesty, and friendliness . . . and the barn magician

Andy McBride and Tracy Crain of New Creation Renovation who set a high standard of responsiveness, integrity, diligence and excellence.

David Atwood painting

Lin & Roger Shoffner painting

Jon Reapsom & (everybody loves) Raymond Painting

Keith Plasterer, friend and mentor

Andrew Madeira, my other friend  (just kidding) and mentor

Darin Warren friend and "gitter done" inspirer

Dennis Boyle, Esquire, friend and reportedly Indiana Jones' mentor

Dwight West of Best Roofing

Jeff Musser of Musser Home Builders

Don Farinelli of Farinelli Construction

Russ Ehric, Dan Smith, Lisa Snyder, Kathie Shafer of Messiah College for patience, availability, and responsiveness

Commissioner Ken Martin for encouragement to stay the course early on

Planning Commission Chair David Bowman for unexpected public comments praising Cottage Brook as the kind of development Upper Allen wants to see

Commission President James Cochran for another public comment of support after action to approve Cottage Brook's plan

Commissioner Joe Chick for his penetrating knack to call it like he sees it and for a big heart willing to share his time and expertise

The eight or nine Messiah students who dormed in the old stone house and tolerated repeated visitation requests and inspections

Mike Taylor of Bartlett Tree Experts for his passion for trees and expert counsel on their care and preservation

Mike Myers of Myers masonry . .  . Cottage Brook Lane's stone entry wall made entirely of Grantham limestone is a lasting testament to artisan Mike and sons.

Greg Musser of Coyle Lumber for sharing his memories of delivering papers to the old stone house and of course for masterful wood working

Jeff Bricker of Bricker Landscaping for thoroughness and energy exemplified by handing me estimates and shooting transit elevations in a downpour

Jim Casey of Casey Brothers Masonry, masters of an almost forgotten trade

Greg Dunkle of Cumberland Valley Landscaping for making sure the meadow didn't turn into a jungle

Michael Larkin, landscape designer, a man passionate about creating beauty and transforming the common into the extra-special

Tim Wilson, for his expert architectural eye and creative imagination for structural beauty inside and out

Mr. & Mrs. Don Royal, gracious hosts for enduring Penn Dot sight-line engineering and stone and ivy landscaping conversations

Joanna and Betty our new neighbors on Yorkview for their recommendations and encouragement at the Planning Commission meetings

Many, many smiles and waves from new friends traversing to see Pat at the Post Office, or heading to class or office at Messiah

Ben and Tony of Stone Roots, artists who bring old-world aesthetics to concrete!

Julie at William E. Poole Designs prompt communicator of the necessary permissions and details for using images of some of most beautiful house plans we have found

Emilie and Jim McGinnis (Jim the Computer Guy, Inc) deserving gold medals for patience, skill and imagination in website design.

Ivo Otto and staff at Martson, Deardorff, Williams & Otto for invaluable help in cutting through the mustard.
Martson Law Offices - Ivo Otto

Rob Rahall and Frank Koser of Susquehanna Bank.
Susquehanna Bank

Michael Leaman & Black Landscape Contracting

Jim Gleim, Dave Gruber and staff at JW Gleim Excavating, Inc.
JW Gleim

Gina Brown, the PPL engineer who continues to surprise all of us with her proficiency, clarity and responsiveness . . . all delivered with an uncommon graciousness.

Steve McGarvey, Verizon SWAT team guy.  Here's an engineer who really needs a corporate jet or at least jet back-pack!  For all the ground you cover, Steve, thanks for making little Cottgage Brook a priority.

Sheri and Beth of Red Door Staging (yes, ok, no, maybe, but)
Red Door Staging

Dr. Dave Foster, professor at Messiah College, for partnering in making clean water filtration to the Yellow Breeches a subject not only of discussion, but plans for making it a co-operative learning experience at Cottage Brook for his students!
Dr. Foster - Messiah College Bio Science

Dr. Erik Lindquist, another friend and nature enthusiast.  This guy's definitely a combination of Indiana Jones, Tarzan, and Einstein.
Dr. Lindquist Bio Science

Dr. Jeff & Casey Marks, new neighbors, Stone House cheerleaders, paradise preservers, gracious hosts, new friends.  Thank you.

To God.  We know it has been His hand that has woven together the many circumstances which have been beyond our control as well as being the One who has enriched our lives through the many people we have come to know, lean on, and appreciate in this adventure.



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Images used by permission -William E. Poole Designs