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Welcome to Cottage Brook Lane

Welcome to the village of Grantham.  Nearby is Messiah College's old stone entrance which immediately draws one's attention to one of the area's last historic covered bridges . . . preserved and still used daily by the college. Welcome to the red, orange, and yellow of autumn leaves reflecting off the gentle ripples of the Yellow Breeches Creek.  Welcome to walks on the creekside trail.  Welcome to fun memories of tubing and kayaking adventures with kids or grand kids on the Yellow Breeches.  Welcome to some of Pennsylvania's best trout fishing. Welcome to sledding memories on nearby Cemetery Hill, on the other side of campus.  Welcome to a tiny village that uniquely offers natural beauty, historic homes and structures, academic opportunities, performing arts events and athletic recognition (Messiah is home to NCAA Division III National Championship Soccer). Welcome to Cottage Brook Lane, a little cul-de-sac in one of the most special places on earth.

CBL entrance wsIf you are drawn to neighborhoods that offer a balance in lot size – small enough to create a sense of community, yet big enough to give your family space to enjoy the outdoors on their own slice of earth, welcome to Cottage Brook Lane!  If you have a fondness for older neighborhoods graced with charming, welcoming homes - homes that are not oversized or pretentious but that quietly display quality craftsmanship and artistry, welcome to Cottage Brook Lane!  If you can close your eyes and remember a favorite tree-lined street, and want to drive down there again, welcome to Cottage Brook Lane! If you've been looking for a neighborhood of homes that share architectural continuity, an architecture that is reminiscent of an American yesteryear, welcome.

Welcome to an unprecedented opportunity to build your own custom home, with today's sought after amenities by one of the areas premier home builders.  Welcome to one of eight remaining ½ acre lots surroundedModel by mature trees close to the Yellow Breeches Creek and Messiah College.  Welcome to a small cul-de-sac neighborhood of inviting cottage style homes that communicate a sense of charm, simplicity, craftsmanship, and community. 

Welcome to the call and return call of owls.  Welcome to sightings of deer, egrets and even beaver.  Welcome to the township's first neighborhood with granite curbing.  Welcome to the county's first neighborhood integrating environmentally sensitive "rain gardens" in lieu of unsightly detention ponds. Welcome to a neighborhood protected by exterior architectural covenants.  Welcome to a safe neighborhood, absent of rushing through traffic.  Welcome to seclusion 3 minutes from the on-ramp of route 15, and 10 minutes from the malls and award winning Mechanicsburg High School.  Welcome to Cottage Brook Lane.  Welcome home!


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Image used by permission -Thomas J. Carricato & Sons, Inc.